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each girl should tell u about one thing were cyclops is hiding u got a key? one girl should say were the forest is, the other girl the hous and the last girl the code.. :(i just wasted two hours because I had no idea what to do...(it doesn't matter what order of girls u get)Took me forever, here are some notes I have so you don't have to talk to them ten thousand times Mia Band: salt & vanilla Comedies Granulated peanuts April 30 Soya Wok Chinese Math is fun Receptionist at dad dentist Shinii hair products Rn B Dremio Sabrina Hates family studies Work at fish factory In band- dark glow Born September 13 Likes magma red Buy clothes from Razor Sharp Sweet strawberry ice cream Gardens in basement Hates fish Erika Works mini golf June 8 Birthday- skydiving on snowboard Doesnt like science Want to visit California-climb palm tree Went to South Portal School Boom Boom sports drink Loves show- shoot out Eats nachos while watching games I just First, I'm sorry about my english (I'm german). I guess I should have read everything BECAUSE THIS WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME!!!! I was surprised that no one posted this game yet but anyways here it is.. you have to click play to start it : Pmy charm is in the negatives!! You can increase your charm by drinking in the bar, and sometimes your charm goes up when you choose right options when working.Did the game, funny and somehow quite long, but too easy, you can't fail if you do it in non-limited time.While talking to a girl, each dialogue choice affects your intimacy score.Each girl has a different personality and requires a different approach. v=5zhw2BZMy WU Download: This game is currently in active development and is updated once in a week or two, so if you have any suggestions for new features/gameplay improvements, feel free to post your comments. There is premium content, but it is not necessary for completing the game. Go to either of the two cafes and click on the pocky icon.I played pico sim date 2, got to the forrst and ... So I played the saved game again but now the girls can not be found! I'll do the harder levels because i'm curious what the reward or whatever you get. I was surprised that no one posted this game yet but anyways here it is.. you have to click play to start it : P looks like newgrounds have their own version.Unfortunately, the game is good when you have faster bandwidth-------------------------- Mia: birthday30 abril funny comedies maths fun see movies eat granulate peanuts recepcionist dad dentist place salt and vanilla mall soya wood chinese food dremio favourite clothes hair products shinii work layer -------------------------------- erika: icecream 1 to 1 ultimo socer player 8 june bridthaday skydiving snowboard used south park school many nerds drove me nuts show shoot out work mini golf park lame goo pagament buy bomm bomm sport drink visit california climb palm tree eat nachos watch games buy brand veux sports gear dont like science ------------------------------------- Sabrina: like strawberry icecream hate fish favor peanuts butter and jelly sandiwh ropes razor shrak work fish factory hate family studies born 13 septhember color magma red ------------------------------- kate; love fudge pears expensives shoping bookmark Have 3 brohters not live home move out japan interesting doors love spaguetis psecial tusdays favourite anime fruit baskets like music flow work office assistant watch drama movies ---------------- numbers 7353/6445/5788 ---------------------------------------- Answers (0 incorrect/x correct) I dont care all!

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Right they have a link to TM there, that'd be amazing. tfw you know that at least half of the people not impressed with RWBY's music would have the exact opposite opinion if it were sung in Japanese. Definitely want the character songs (Red Like Roses I, Mirror Mirror, and Boop in particular), but maybe also the OP themes, I May Fall, Caffeine, This Life Is Mine, and Armed and Ready also I doubt lj3 is someone so finnicky as to care abou5 the lyrics language.

Getting a saberface in as well isn't the most farfetched thing ever. I hope they include Akatsuki as well even if he was already a crossover character in UNIEL in the first place.

I start out with 15 intelligence7 charmand1 strength I think. You know, I was expecting that someone would say something like that.

I then did a lot ofearning cash and then once i got a lot of that i then studying untill i ran out of cash and then i promoted and then i working and then when i had 20 energy left i went to the bar a dranki kept doing this until i had enough money to do approx 3 days worth of studying and then promotedthen i kept doing that until i wasfully promoted and full intelligenceand then i started doing working out untill i had 150 strength then i went to max charm and then got a lot of some info about nene!! he was a wuss anyways, ahh well, does anyone else know any games like this??? OK, here is a challenge for all you game makers: make a game in which a girl (therefore me) will need to get the guy out on a date. There was this game ( where you have to seduce a guy.


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