Accessing attractiveness in online dating profiles

This is not to say that every sentence needs to end with exclamation points and an excess of emoticons (read: avoid at all costs), but you do want to create an overall positive attitude.That means highlighting the good parts of your life and your personality, shying away from relaying negative opinions, and saving any adverse circumstances that have led you to where you are today for a later date.A great profile will not only help attract the people you want but also weed out people who may not be a great match for you.When crafting a profile that potential partners will be drawn to, the formula is simple: be authentic and write from your heart.

By analyzing computer, behavioral and neurocognitive science, they were able to find the most effective approaches between men and women trying use online contact to get a first date.

Last month we dove into the dark side of internet dating and looked at romance scams and why people keep falling for them.

With the foundation in place, we want to move further and look at exactly what a moderator should be looking out for to catch romance scams so they can remove those fake profiles before they target your users.

Your online persona should truly reflect who you really are and, at the same time, show others why they'd be lucky to date you.

Set a Positive Tone You want to set a confident, cheerful tone for your profile.


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