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skit, “Slow Jerk.” I quickly realized that the group had a weekly half-hour show with jam-packed with even more hilarious skits (at first on Fuse before moving to IFC), and ever since have sworn by all five seasons.So naturally I had high hopes about seeing the group perform live at NYC’s Gramercy Theatre.I wanted to see if his work as a kid reflected where he was headed.

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The group also included a fair share of videos at the beginning and middle of the show, as well as an opening stand-up bit from the group’s longtime friend Greg Johnson (who also appeared a handful of skits).

However, even though these sketches may have been seen numerous times by the sold-out audience in attendance, the group kept it fresh by ad libbing at certain points or altering the punch lines/endings.

In fact, seeing each member try to refrain from cracking up at a blunder or newly added line was a personal highlight.

But anyway the thing that seriously bothered me was the use of a 10 year old girl who sings about decapitating the president and congress and later on have that girl dance along with two young women in bikinis.

I'm all for UN-politically-correct; I love off-color comedy in all types and forms but there are lines that you don't cross.


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