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Democratic minions have driven universal health care through Congress, and now threaten to do the unthinkable: be re-elected.Hungry for power, DARK LORD OBAMA - again, not "racist" dark, just evil - has summoned a hurricane to scatter the Patriotic Alliance. A group of freedom fighters led by Mitt Romney and his billionaire mentor Obi-Wan REDACTED, have established a new secret base in the remote, humid city of Tampa...though you can also sing her name to the tune of a great old Glenn Miller song).She reports that because she is sensitive to other people, she sometimes feels a little bad for people “who believe in the socialist state, when I destroy them in argument” and admits that in college she did her best to try to understand other views besides Objectivism, which is the only true way to see the world: I graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Race and Ethnic Studies. more of a happy, supportive and non-competitive Mom?!

I seldom write about political matters anymore on DM because there’s an assumption that if you hate Republicans then you must automatically be a Democrat and I got tired of offering the disclaimer that the only reason I would ever vote for a Democrat is to keep the Republican out of office.

Episode II RETURN OF THE AMERICA STRIKES BACK, AGAIN Desperate to maintain their grip on power, the EVIL DEM-PIRE has dispatched countless attack ads into the far reaches of the Swing States. Meanwhile on the swamp planet of Tampa, PRINCESS ANN ROMNEIA and CHRISTIE THE HUTT rally the Republican troops with news of the Rebel leader MITT ROMNEY's detailed plans to save America - which he will probably reveal right after the Election...

” Admirers, because a great thinker does not have mere “fans.” So of course, we registered and got ourselves a clever username (“Galt Trip”) and went looking for the wackiest, most completely out-there profiles we could find, and boy, were we ever surprised to find out that…Objectivists trying to attract a romantic partner are INCREDIBLY BORING.

I really wanted to know personally on an intellectual level (if that’s even possible) why and how the modern liberal thought (or didn’t think).

Thus, I have extensively studied their political views in college and even grew a reputation wherever I went.


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