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He is now a partner in a fourth generation family farm and lives in a small town with barely 1,000 people.Despite the farm’s proximity to Pittsburgh, Dave found it hard to date anyone from the city.“Every girl I dated did not understand my lifestyle, my hours or my work,” says Dave.A University of Missouri (MU) study of 2003-2016 boxed-beef cutout values isolates the contribution of branded and Prime sales. Plenty of good hay grows in Missouri’s Ozark region.PEPPER PIKE, Ohio — We have all heard the expression “love at first sight,” but what about “love at first (dating) site?The chemical, categorized as a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization...9/27/2016 - Could poo irrigation techniques be causing heavy metals to build up in produce?New research indicates that irrigating agricultural land with wastewater leads to an accumulation of heavy metals in the soil, which in turn leads to heavy metals in the food supply.The first thing to consider is the stocking rate for the specific area where you live. For some in a drought situation, the only real solution is rain.Producers need to take charge whether the season is dry or... When cattle gain or lose 0 in per-head value in a week, it’s easy to lose sight of what lifts that value trend over the years. “Good hay doesn’t have to come over the state line,” said University of Missouri (MU) Extension livestock specialist Eldon Cole.

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“I don’t see a time in my lifetime when Prime’s not a big premium. A parade of wind storms, fires, blizzards and floods moved swiftly by, leaving every cattle farm and ranch to cope with those and the peculiarities of an early or late spring, with too little or too much moisture.... That coincides with a seasonal switch from yearlings to calf-feds in the harvest mix, which often gets the blame. Regardless if you own or rent your pasture, it is important to make sure you are getting the most efficient use of your resources. Is this a good time to expand your cow herd, now that the U. beef cattle industry is deep into a fourth year of its rebuilding phase? They say we’ve already added more than enough cows to produce the volume of beef consumers can afford to buy. For Eric Zizka, the ascent to culinary captain was messy, jotted with football injuries and car crashes, dreams stolen and abandoned plans. The current dryness affecting the land has caused all livestock producers to review options.Mayor Anthony Copeland recently announced that the housing facilities would be demolished, and that everyone living...8/18/2016 - 2015 was the most devastating year for wildfires in the U. More than 10 million acres of forest burned to the ground as raging fires took advantage of dry conditions and crowded, poorly managed forests. By purchasing this testing kit from the Health Ranger Store, you can sample any water or soil source that we'll test for heavy metals and more.In fact, this test gives you extremely accurate...7/26/2016 - A United Kingdom-based charity and organic certification body has called on all major UK bread makers and supermarkets to stop using and selling products that have been treated with glyphosate, the main chemical in the widely-utilized Roundup herbicide by Monsanto.These are the kind of men that — like it or not — remind me of my dad.Dedicated, kind, big-hearted family men who may not have all the words, but who do have all the feelings.In a letter, the Soil Association...7/22/2016 - Cinder blocks are a common building material for raised garden beds, as they are inexpensive, durable and easy to build with.


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