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“The white background large format was part of an evolution, a simplification and in a way, a magnification,” Yaum said via email. They must confront the subject.” Poverty-stricken young men and women in Thailand are often drawn to sex work, Yaum said, because it is dramatically more lucrative than other types of work available to them.

“I felt the technique was a bit like putting a spotlight on something. And while Yaum said the workers often told him how the money from their work was helping their families back home, extended conversations revealed their deeper feelings about their work.

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Yaum’s recent exhibition, “Body Sellers: The Sex Workers of Thailand,” incorporates photographs he made over three trips between 20 to the city of Pattaya, a world-famous destination for sex tourism.Free porn video Melayu girl, Watch Melayu girl, Download Melayu girl. In 1994, Canadian photographer Gerry Yaum saw a documentary about the sex tourism industry in Thailand.He spent between two and three weeks shooting every day with an 8-by-10 camera in sessions lasting around two hours.Unlike some of his earliest environmental portraits, Yaum photographed his subjects—a mix of male, female, and “ladyboy” workers from go-go dance bars, beer bars, and the streets—against a white backdrop.Many different profiles are created just to do this.


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