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The suggestion box had a request for shrine “rules and decorum.” In response, one or two decorum suggestions have been included in weekly announcements and are archived here.

These decorum tips are for your information and use, to explain why things are done the way they are done around the Center.

Conversations in the lobby should be moved to the other rooms as well since the building acoustics still take noise from the lobby into the shrine room and can cause unkind distractions.

Personal objects Of course, there are understandable exceptions such as paper and pen for note-taking, drinks during long meditation sessions, pagers for people on call at work.

Rebekah shows up, and warns Caroline that Elena is the type of friend who'll stab you in the back, and then proceeds to ask Matt to be her date to the ball. (Oh shit 7) Both Salvatores offer Elena an elbow, and boys, there's enough of her to go around (literally, between her, Katherine, and Tatia there's more than enough for both of them.) Caroline is searching through her closet to find something to wear before succumbing to the siren call of the dress Klaus sent her. Elena meets Finn Mikaelson, who I think I liked better with pirate hair.

Elena tells the Salvatore brothers that Momma Original is still alive, and that she believes the whole thing where Momma knows best and just wants to live like a big, happy family again. (Oh shit 6) This has its desired effect, causing Caroline to agree to go. (Damon seconds this sentiment.) And where'd she get that cleavage? She arrives at the ball, making that dress look far better than I thought possible, and Klaus has the same reaction to her that Damon had to Elena! He tells her that if she wants to meet Momma Mikaelson, she has to do it alone. Up on the grand staircase, he is joined by Momma Mikaelson, who seems to be doing some witchy voodoo thing (Oh shit 9) and announces... Damon takes Elena in the promenade, as they argue both her being here, and going alone to meet Momma Mikaelson. Meanwhile, Matt and Caroline are now partners, (And while there's a possibility the waltz they are dancing is an actual waltz, it looks more like a bastardized version of The Virginia Waltz, which I had hoped they would be dancing.) and they have a heart to heart about why they're both here with members of the Mikaelson family.

“Because its makeup varies so widely, studying Spice is a challenge,” said Dr. “Essentially, if you use it, you’re experimenting on yourself.” That experimentation could result in other life-threatening health complications.

According to a recent news story out of Wyoming, three young people were hospitalized with kidney failure from using blueberry-flavored Spice. Everyone affected was in their late teens or early 20s.

Please use discretion and wisdom to create the best atmosphere for meditation – your meditation and the meditation of others – and decrease the amount of distractions.

Cushions and chairs: Mindfulness is expressed in mind, speech, and body.


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