Error updating the application pool credentials

I am trying to set app pool credentials for a speccific domain account for an MVC project on iis 7.5 on a Windows 7 enterprise server. Net version 4 and I believe this is set correctly throughout the iis interface.

We have set up a user account in the form of domain Name\username with a specific password, that I'll denote password0 (not its real name).

The MMC snapin says: "this setting is not compatible with computers runnign Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 or earlier...." Of course, I'm running XP64 with SP3. Could it be a wrong error message that's actually due to group policy preventing me from changing this right?

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SPAdmin App Pool Credential Deployment Job Definition named "job-admin-apppool-change" already exists under the parent Microsoft. I would expect that any other change to the properties would work fine as well.Simple fix for me: If you are using a shared configuration for IIS, re-add the user credentials for the network location where the application Host file is shared.I realize there are related stack overflow posts but I haven't been able to get anything to work and I am reluctant to re-open old questions.This is a fairly important set-up to make MVC generally a workable solution in our shop.Log on as a service (make sure your account is in this list directly or indirectly; it has also been suggested that you should set: Access this computer from the network; Deny logon locally; Log on as a batch job) Also - ensure that the account has "Read & Execute", "List Folder Contents" and "Read" access to the file system that underpins the web site/application.


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