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She's filled with sage wisdom, too; she proved that much when she spoke to Time about her life earlier this year.

Hell, she can even give you chills by reciting a Maya Angelou poem.

They’ve also got a bunch more shots of the sexy ass you see below.

La différenciation des sexes s’opère en mesurant l’espace entre ces deux orifices.

I even learned a little Portuguese so that I could communicate with her when I found her. I opened the cabinet and saw a small box of dishwasher detergent."My point is," I tell Sofia, "that all these American men who are falling in love with Latinas because of you may have no idea what they're getting into.

You will find people from all walks of life who have decided to 'open up' their life to you.

A man walks out of the elevator, into the lobby of the apartment building where Sofia Vergara lives. Roughly thirteen million people watch Sofia Vergara on every week playing Gloria, the gorgeous, caring, opinionated, loud, and much-younger wife of Jay, played by Ed O'Neill. You figure a lot of the men watching Sofia are single.

Tall, handsome, relaxed, dressed in workout clothes. I'm just walking in, about to buzz up."Hey," he calls out to me, "you here to see Sofia? He's a very friendly guy, Nick, and he stops to chat. After a minute I say, "Why don't you come up and join us for the interview? He waves goodbye and is out the front door in two seconds flat. Many have fallen in love with her — her Colombian curves, her perfect comedic timing, her accent.

And that’s what all the winners of our annual round-up embody. ) are at the top of their game, and inspire us to work harder and keep it sexy every day.

She slays the hell out of every verse she spits, even when it's on another artist's track.


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