Currency updating application

Here is an example of the Open Graph meta tags for the app currency object instance.= 1, Trial Pay rounds down to the nearest app currency unit.If you use an HTTP library that doesn't allow overriding or setting an arbitrary HTTP method name, you can send a POST request and provide an override to the HTTP method via the query string parameter _Http Method.In the PATCH example, you can replace the Post Method line with one that doesn't use override: Post Method m = new Post Method(url "? It never occurred to me that Apex could 'callout' to the SFDC cloud. This solves another problem I had of Apex provisioning Sobject Self Service User, also not supported by Apex DMLI suspect its purely for internal historic architecture reasons, these objects predate even Apex!

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As per the documentation you linked to, you can use the SOAP API to insert and udpate records in these.

😈 Unfortunally for me was too late to re-do the model so I needed to come with a workaround.

The RA framework generates those structures for each table: ZTABLENAME_ATTR ZTABLENAME_DYN_QUER ZTABLENAME_H_LOG_KEY ZTABLENAME_H_WORK For this scenario the important structures are the ones finished with ATTR and WORK, which you need to add the currency amount field (For technicall reasons don’t forget to specify the ref table for amounts/quantity in both structures although this is not relevant for the RA).

The first thing you do with the app, you fill in the information for your Balance Sheet (Balance tab).

A balance sheet is a type of personal financial statement.


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