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Compared to many countries in the world, Dubai approximates to heaven’s gate. Because it is a city that thrives on tourism, it depends far less on revenue from oil, immigration procedure is also relaxed, comparatively.There are few countries in the world that better the profile of Dubai in terms of cosmopolitanity.She has sipped cocktails in the Maldives, jet-skied in Kuwait and seen Australia from the cockpit of a private aircraft.

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Islamic law still is observed there, but the tourism industry also is very powerful.Dubai is cosmopolitan and it is home to people from every part of the world.It is not the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi is, but it dwarfs other emirates in popularity and tourism equity. God made man; man made Dubai, a glittering city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).Dubai with a population of a little over two million (the largest city in the UAE) is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. At the snap of the fingers, you can get visa to Dubai ranging from two weeks to months.Natalie, from Canterbury in Kent, estimates that her jet-setting over the past two years would have cost £60,000. Natalie says they have all been “perfect gentlemen” and while she doesn’t feel under pressure to sleep with them she “doesn’t rule it out”.


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