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called their "Model 221" and "Model 222", and that collectors and users call "The Perfect Portable".

Books have been published on these sewing machines they are so popular.

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Pulling up I could see mounds of junk and wasn’t too hopeful, but then, there sat this lovely sewing table.

When I asked the man said he’d give it to me for !!!

Also note the foot pedal attached to a treadle rod and the treadle belt made of leather.

Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from their website.We have Featherweight sewing machines available for sale on our sales site The Singer "Featherweight" is the most popular sewing machine ever made that is still being widely used!Produced from the 1930's through the 1970's these compact and lightweight portable electric sewing machines have become a favorite with today's quilters, crafters, fabric artisans, and vintage / antique sewing machine collectors.Now, I don’t know what the actual value of these is, but it has to be more than that.Regardless of its value, I’ve been wanting one so badly because of how cool they look!Collectors, such as Berzack, collect antique treadles through the 1940s but focus on those produced before 1900.


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