Jeff lewis dating

, "..recently stole one of her assistants—and I don't think she's happy.""But he is so good," says Jeff of the employee he purportedly poached from Kris.

"I mean, the way she's training those guys over there!

He is a real estate agent who also designs and decorates and you can check out his official website for his designs.

He is most popular for producing some reality TV shows like Flipping Out (2007), Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis (2012) and Property Envy (2013).

Well I mean I do always finish the house; unfortunately you just never get to see it.

I guess for me after doing this for five years, I think it would be nice for people to really see what I can do because Flipping Out has been focusing on the construction end of it.

At the start of the Flipping Out third-season reunion, Jeff Lewis joked that he was doing the reunion to make himself more favorable to Bravo so the show would get a fourth season, and said, “I want to lose some more friends.” That’s apparently what eventually happened, as Jeff later had an epic and atypically emotional fight with his friend and former partner Ryan Brown. The first half was far more fun, because there’s something about Andy Cohen that brings out the best and the bitchiest in Jeff Lewis, who is probably the funniest Bravo star next to Kathy Griffin.He is a Christian by religion and seems to have mixed ethnicity from Europe, although there is not much known about his past life or family.Jeff is an attractive young man, with a good height of about 6 feet and an athletically built body, despite any shirtless pictures revealed in the media.It’s so great to watch him smack down Andy Cohen; I think I’d watch Watch What Happens every Thursday night if Jeff Lewis co-hosted it.“Oh, you want me to answer that,” he said to one of Andy’s statements that wasn’t phrased as a question.Well, I think the big thing is that with Flipping Out, whenever we end the show unfortunately you don't always get to see the finished products because we're usually working on client's homes, and you know when it's done it's done.


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